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Important Things To Do When Hiring An SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to invest your online marketing dollars for the best results in the long-run. However, SEO is a long-term investment and results, or ROI cannot be realized overnight.

SEO is a very dynamic industry, and it can be hard for you to keep up with the many changes that may affect how your website ranks on the search engines. This is the reason why you need the services of a professional and experienced SEO specialist.

SEO experts keep up with all the changes in the industry and are best placed to advise you on matters relating to search engine rankings. However, SEO experts don’t work in a vacuum and require some input from you if they are to deliver the best results possible.

If you are a business owner who has hired an SEO expert and would like to enjoy the benefits sooner, you need to do a few things and provide the SEO professional with all the relevant information pertaining to your services and products as well as your business development plans.

Here are some important things that you should do when hiring an SEO specialist:

1.Provide A Detailed Description of Your Business

The SEO expert cannot know which keywords to target if you don’t provide a detailed explanation of what your business entails. You should explain to the SEO expert exactly what you sell or do and how this product or service is of benefit to your clients. You should then discuss the needs and problems of your clients and how they use the Internet to find solutions to their problems. This is the first step towards effective keyword analysis as well as target audience definition.

2.List the Business You Consider to Be Your Competitors and the Reasons Why

Identifying who your direct and indirect competitors are can be very helpful to your overall SEO strategy. It will help the SEO professional determine the level of competition you are facing, investigate your competitors’ SEO strategies, and find out how your competitors’ websites are performing. Knowing your competitors is just as critical for SEO as it is for other aspects of sales and marketing.

3.List The Influencers in Your Industry

It is very important to be aware of the individuals or organizations capable of influencing your target audience. The influencers can be review websites, top bloggers in your industry, or your customers. The information will help the SEO professional find the best platforms for creating backlinks and promoting your business. An experienced SEO professional is also likely to identify other influencers that you may not have thought of or have been unable to find on your own.

4.Explaining the Purpose and Structure of Your Website

If you are able to explain the structure of your website and why it was created that way, the SEO professional will find it easier and faster to investigate the on-site SEO elements. Always request for an SEO audit that includes on-site analysis as well as recommendations. If you are not too tech savvy, you should connect the SEO expert with your development team and let them exchange information.

The SEO expert may offer recommendations that change and/or affect the structure of your website. Websites created without the input of an SEO experts right from the start usually lack some elements critical to search engine optimization.

5.Disclosing Any Past Indiscretions

Your website might have been penalized in the past, and it can be impossible to rank if the penalty has not been lifted. Failing to disclose details pertaining to any existing or previous penalties is setting up the SEO expert to fail. You might not be aware that such details are vital for SEO, but it is important to disclose them. It is always advisable to be transparent and honest about the history of your website so that the SEO expert may know how best to help you.

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The Bottom Line

Hiring an SEO specialist is one of the best things you can do for your business since it can help you rank better on the search engines. However, you have a role to play to ensure the best outcome. The 5 things discussed here are very important when hiring an SEO expert and will help you get the best results possible.

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